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The Biden administration invented THIS word to justify their extreme censorship during COVID

The Rubin Report

RFK Jr. is what Dave Rubin calls “the last sane Democrat.” It’s not a bad moniker, because the guy does tend to make a lot of sense, which is probably why the left is so adamant about keeping him silenced.

“I never posted any, not a single bit, of what you would call misinformation,” RFK Jr. tells Jimmy Dore.

“What I was posting was actually correct; everything I posted on Instagram was cited to a peer-reviewed publication or to a government database,” he says.

So how did the Biden administration justify their censorship of RFK Jr. granted that it’s blatantly unconstitutional?

“They had to invent a new word called malinformation,” he explains, “which is the information that is technically true, but it's inconvenient for the government.”

“At what level would the decibels be of our objections if president Trump did that?” he asks.

But as long as the left is in control, we have a feeling the concept of “malinformation” will only continue to haunt people who dare to speak against the accepted narrative.

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