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Jon Miller:  Transgender Colorado school suspect is virtually ignored by MSM: 'And we all know why'

The White House Brief

If the facts don't fit their narrative, they get left out

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One of the two suspects in the STEM school attack in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is a 16-year-old transgender who is transitioning from woman to man, though few media outlets are reporting this key part of the suspect's identity.

"Isn't it interesting how, just two days after the shooting in Colorado, the suspects have remained relatively unmentioned? This is a drastic departure from every other shooting. The mainstream media aren't even trying to hide their blatant bias. If the facts don't fit their narrative, they get left out — even if it's a tragedy," said Jon Miller, host of "The White House Brief."

Watch Jon's video below for more:

Transgender, Dem Shooting Suspects Virtually IGNORED — And We ALL Know Why youtu.be

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