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BRAZEN jewelry thieves​ target victims in broad daylight

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Mario Tama / Staff / Getty Images

The L.A. police tell people that wearing expensive jewelry could make you a target.

"You Are Here" host Sydney Watson, Alex Stein, commentator, comedian, and host of “Conspiracy Castle,” and BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales of "The News & Why It Matters" covered the story on Thursday. In Sydney's view, California's justice system and poor legislation led the Golden State on this most destructive path. This systemic issue now has police warning the citizens of Los Angeles of the dangers of wearing expensive jewelry in public.

This story comes on the heels of a string of smash and grab robberies in L.A. where robberies are up by 18-percent this year compared to 2021 across the city. According to reports, millions of dollars worth of jewelry were reported stolen, and the police are warning citizens to leave their bling at home.

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