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Don't Let Disaster Leave you Hungry!

Don't Let Disaster Leave you Hungry!

Prepare for the “What Ifs” Now  Because Complacency Could Leave Your Family Hungry

            As Americans, most of us tend to live complacent lives. When we need groceries, we go to the grocery store and expect to find the shelves fully stocked with everything we need. Truth be told, we could even say that many of us have a sense of entitlement, in the form of, “They had better have what I want at the store because I just don’t have the time to look elsewhere!”

But what if there came a time when the shelves of the grocery stores were picked clean because there was a run on all the grocery stores in your town? Does this sound improbable? It isn’t.

The fact is this; it’s no longer doomsday fear mongers that are predicting hyperinflation, its serious economists. If you Google “hyperinflation” you might be surprised at how many people are predicting it in the relatively near future. Here’s a snippet from a recent article titled, “How Hyperinflation Will Happen in America”

            Therefore, the notion of talking about hyperinflation now, in this current macro-economic environment, would seem . . . well . . . crazy, right? Wrong: I would argue that the next step down in this world-historical Global Depression which we are experiencing will be hyperinflation.

            Without getting into the nitty-gritty of hyperinflation, what you need to know is that during hyperinflation, the price of commodities—things like heating oil, food and gasoline—begin to balloon overnight. Gas prices could go to $15 or $20 a gallon in a day, and food would follow suit. So what would people do? They’d run to the stores and buy in a panic, before the price went up so high that they couldn’t feed their families. And once the stores are emptied of food, it could be a week or more before more food is delivered, and during that week, the price of goods continues to rise.

Let’s look at another “what if” scenario. If you’re like many Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, you may not have a savings safety net set aside for your family. So what if you lost your job in the dead of winter, and had to choose between heating your home and feeding your family? Wouldn’t you wish you’d stored your “nuts” when you had nuts to store?

Or how about this…what if there is a freak storm—the kind that seem to be increasing across our nation—that leaves you without power for a week. Chances are, all the food you have in your refrigerator and freezer will go bad, and you won’t have the microwave to heat anything up. Won’t you wish you had something delicious and easy to prepare over a camp stove you had waiting for just such an eventuality?

Enter My Patriot Supply, an online purveyor of high-quality emergency-preparedness products, such as delicious long-term storable food, heirloom seeds, and survival products.

My Patriot Supply’slong list of satisfied customers are not onlytin-foil hatters, gold bugs and right-wing survivalists, although they’re happy to do business with anyone who understands the need to prepare. The fact is, the vast majority of their customers are normal, middle-of-the-road, everyday people who are waking up to the realization that they are responsible for storing up their own nuts. They are acknowledging the economic signs that life may take a dramatic turn soon.

In fact, the tenet on which their business is founded is this: True patriotism is not the expectation that others will care for your needs but that freedom comes from attaining a certain level of self-reliance. It was only two generations ago—our grandparents and great-grandparents—who experienced the Great Depression. These people learned to become self-reliant and prepared. Most everyone had victory gardens in their backyards and a fully-stocked pantry.

Unfortunately, many people have forgotten the lessons learned not so long ago. Complacency and a sense of entitlement is a common malady today, but if people don’t wake up, it could result in an empty pantry and a hungry family for days on end.

My Patriot Supply, in partnership with efoods, a leading long-term storage food supplier, offers 2-week, 4-week, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year food supply options for your convenience. These foods have a 25-year shelf life, are healthy, nutritionally complete, delicious and easy to take on-the-go. All they require is water and a stove. They are the best insurance you can buy—better than normal insurance because no adjuster can deny your claim—and they will give you peace of mind for all the “what ifs” of life.

      My Patriot Supply also offers a Survival Seed Vault of non-GMO heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds, so your family can gain food independence. Because these are non-hybrid seeds, you can save seeds from your first harvest, and continue to plant them with the assurance that you will continue

from your first harvest, and continue to plant them with the assurance that you will continue to have the finest fruits, vegetables and harvested seeds, year after year.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a hard-core survivalist, there are a few supplies you might want to consider, just in case you find yourself in one of those “what if” situations. My Patriot Supply offers the Lifestraw, the most advanced personal water filter today.

It enables users to drink water safely from contaminated water sources, such as local flooding which can contaminate water supplies. My Patriot Supply also offers emergency cooking supplies, as well as self-reliance food preparation equipment.

Don’t fear the “what ifs.” Prepare for them. Get what you need, know you’re ready, and then, relax. There’s nothing like a peaceful state of mind and My Patriot Supply wants to help you get there.

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