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Legendary investor predicts this $1 stock will spike 10x


By Justin Spittler

Dear Reader,

The same legendary investor and NY Times best-selling author who made an 86,900% gain on a single stock…

And pointed investors in the direction of gains like…

  • Altius Minerals: +4,329%
  • Northland Resources: +711%
  • Anatolia Minerals: +667%
  • Virginia Gold Mines: +863%
  • Kirland Lake Gold: +1,202%

Is now predicting that this tiny $1 stock will spike 1,000% or more.

Here’s what his right-hand man, E.B. Tucker, had to say about the statement:

“It’s pretty simple when you do the math,” he says.

“You have this tiny company that’s currently valued at about $200 million. It has $35 billion in white metal deposits. That’s 175x more than the company is currently worth.

We have found compelling evidence that, its entire $35 billion deposit will be bought out. So I’m sure most — if not all — investors would agree that getting a 500% or 1,000% return wouldn’t really be surprising.

In fact, some might think those numbers are conservative.”

Mr. Tucker’s explanation makes sense but leaves us with some important questions:

  • What is a ‘white metal’ mining company?
  • Why will this $1 stock have its entire $35 billion deposit bought out on August 16?
  • And what is the name of this company (and while we’re at it, it’s ticker symbol)?

To answer these questions, Mr. Tucker has agreed to give our readers free access to his special presentation on the topic.

But he warned that time is of the essence.

“Remember, we expect this stock to 10x this year. Obviously, after it starts rising 100… 200… 500% or more, it’ll be too late. You missed the boat. So be sure to watch this before then,” he says.

Duly noted, Mr. Tucker.

Click here to watch his special presentation now.

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