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ObamaCare Could Bankrupt America, AARP Makes Billions

ObamaCare Could Bankrupt America, AARP Makes Billions

The Congressional Budget Office has revealed that the true cost of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, will reach $1.76 trillion dollars over ten years, not the $940 billion promised by the Obama administration.

This staggering 87% increase in cost is for a program that is certain to damage the American economy and, quite simply, hurt people – especially seniors, who can expect to receive lower quality care and even rationed care.

These concerns and many more are why a majority of Americans are opposed to ObamaCare – and why many want it repealed by Congress or overturned by the Supreme Court. In spite of this public outcry, so-called advocacy groups like the AARP have been vocal in their support of ObamaCare.

Recently, information has surfaced that could explain the AARP’s stance on national healthcare. According to a House Ways and Means report, the AARP stands to make an estimated $1 billion – perhaps much more – over ten years if the president’s healthcare plan remains in place. This is surely an incentive for the AARP to support the plan, even though it could hurt seniors and Baby Boomers.

This has many older Americans, including AARP members, perplexed. How could an agency that claims to be the voice of American seniors actively support a program that will harm many of them? This has caused many AARP members to sever their ties to the group and seek out other benefits organizations that serve the over-50 population.

Generation America is one such organization that has seen increases in memberships since the AARP came out in favor of ObamaCare. Interest in the group is growing as the healthcare debate heats up for the election, and news about the AARP’s financial windfall boosts Generation America’s profile even more.

They have identified themselves as staunch opponents of ObamaCare. They also don’t shy away from their guiding political beliefs, making their conservative positions known. This is in stark contrast to the AARP, which has waffled on its public support of unpopular programs.

Michael Young, president and founder of Generation America, says, “We don’t hide who we are or what we stand for. We are a group for people with more traditional values. If you are a conservative, the AARP does not really speak for you. Generation America does.”

The conservative values of Generation America and their straightforward approach are why TV personality Chuck Woolery took notice of the organization and became a member. “I’m like most people,” Woolery says. “I want to be a part of a group who shares my values. I’m a conservative. I want smaller government, lower taxes and the repeal of socialized healthcare, so I’m not about to join the AARP. Generation America is a better fit for me.”

Of course, Generation America offers its members the benefits you would expect from an over-50 group. An annual membership earns you savings on many everyday purchases, like roadside assistance, prescription drugs, insurance and travel. Members report significant savings, hundreds – even thousands – of dollars each year, thanks to better benefits offered by Generation America. They also give members something else that’s important.

“Generation America takes my conservative voice to Washington,” Woolery says. “Whether it’s a call to repeal ObamaCare or to protect personal freedoms, Generation America’s involvement in Washington is just as important to me as all the other benefits.”

Right now, you can join Generation America for only $24 annually. Just $2 per month provides you with the benefits you expect from an over-50 organization and much more. Visit www.GenerationAmerica.com to join. You can also call toll free: 1-800-706-5604.

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