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Twitter: Was the 'Unplanned' movie a victim of 'resting glitch face' or purposely silenced?

Steve Deace

'What is 'Spirit of the Age' progressivism?

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On Monday's episode of the "Steve Deace Show," host Steve Deace took a deep dive into the mindset of "Spirit of the Age" progressivism and offered two clear examples of the mentality therein.

Deace began with a sign, which was being held by a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Robert "Beto" O'Rourke during a campaign stop on March 30, that read, "Beto is our Christ."

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Deace explained that Spirit of the Age progressivism sees the "Beto is our Christ" sign as acceptable and believes that all people are good. However, this school of thought also condemns individuals who point out that evil exists among us and considers them an opponent that must be taken out.

The Spirit of the Age of progressivism sees the film "Unplanned" — a pro-life movie released over the weekend — as the opponent, according to Deace.

"Unplanned" received an "R" rating, social media pulled ads from social platforms, its Twitter account was suspended, and it still smashed expectations at the box office.

Deace concluded that the public could choose to believe that the "Unplanned" film and no other Twitter user was a victim of "resting glitch face" or discern the truth: that progressivism will continue to see the pro-life message as an opponent to squash.

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