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Steven Crowder confronts Antifa thug who told his comrades to set Crowder on fire

Steven Crowder
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On Thursday, Steven Crowder released the latest installment of "Crowder Confronts," which featured Crowder's confrontation with an Antifa thug who shared a call-to-action on Facebook that encouraged his comrades to commit violence against Crowder while he filmed his show in Austin, Texas.

In this clip, Crowder asked the man why he thought it was acceptable to encourage violence against another person with whom he disagrees and why he labeled others as fascist when he was the person inciting violence.

Crowder explained that the Facebook post in question called on the man's comrades to go to the location where Crowder was filming and throw milkshakes on him and set him on fire while he was filming,

The man told Crowder that he was not the person who shared the Facebook post and accused Crowder of making the quote up.

"You made that quote up," the man said.

"No. We didn't," Crowder replied. "We absolutely didn't and we will prove it to millions of people."

After some back and forth, the man told Crowder that he wished someone would set him on fire.

Watch the video below for more.

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