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How far left have the radical Dems shifted?

Pat Gray Unleashed

The Green New Deal and 'Theybies'

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On Thursday's episode of " Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat Gray and Keith Malinak discussed the ignorance of the progressive left and some of how we see ignorance reshape our language and our culture.

In this clip, Pat addressed parents who raise " Theybies" — gender-neutral babies — and the obvious misuse of the plural pronoun "they." A culture is defined by its language, which explains why the progressive attack on English is causing such turmoil in the U.S.

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Pat covered a sampling of the illogical ideas put forth in the Green New Deal; a plan unveiled recently by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), that calls for drastic changes over the next 10 years that make as much sense to a logical person as calling a singular human "they."

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