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$700K gov't study asks: Can churches use 'moral authority' to get people to exercise?


What's going on? 

A government grant is funding a study costing $699,085 to see if Latino parishioners can be encouraged to exercise more through their local church.

Give me the details: 

Researchers say that the study is the first to look at "Latino Catholic church-led workout events in public parks to fight obesity," the Washington Free Beacon reported.

"Churches are credible, stable entities that have significant reach within Latino communities and a history of social service provision and advocacy related to health and well-being," the grant said.

Doc's take: 

How do you feel about taxpayer dollars going to answer this question?

On today's show, Doc and Kris agreed that “Catholic guilt” could be useful to get people to exercise more, but they were not thrilled about the National Institutes of Health spending around $700,000 to find out if churches can use their "vast social networks" and "moral authority" to encourage Latinos to work out.

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