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Anti-gun group fighting against new pro second amendment bill is up to usual polling tricks


A measure which would allow Texans to carry a firearm without a permit is headed to the Texas House of Representatives. The latest version also ups the legal age to 21 and adds other restrictions already in place for concealed carry permits.

On Tuesday's "Dana," the National Rifle Association's "Cam & Company” host, Cam Edwards, joined Dana Loesch to discuss how the anti-gun group Everytown is attacking this bill with little more than unsubstantiated polls and "unicorn" wishes.

Dana asked Edwards to respond to Everytown's tweet claiming 91% of Texans support licensing those carrying a firearm in public. He said polls are more "art than science," citing well crafted questions and carefully selected sample populations as methods to manipulate results.

Edwards suggested the anti-gun group to re-poll the same 91% of Texans to ask what the punishment for people who failed to carry a license should be; he predicted the outcome would be quite different.

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