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April Ryan bashes Melania Trump, says she is 'not culturally American

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CNN host Erin Burnett invited White House reporter April Ryan to discuss first lady Melania Trump's "Be Best" children's initiative. The initiative was introduced on Monday and will focus on reducing America's opioid crisis and tackle cyber-bullying and mental health among young people.

In her speech in the Rose Garden of the White House on Monday, Mrs. Trump vowed to teach children to put kindness first in their lives particularly when it comes to social media.

In a discussion with CNN about the first lady's new initiative, Ryan not only took aim at her husband's use of Twitter but also at the first lady's ethnicity. President Trump is known for lambasting his opponents on Twitter and shutting down unflattering -- and sometimes untrue -- news reports.

"This is a first lady who is not culturally American, but she is learning the ways," Ryan said of the initiative. "This is not just an American issue. These are not just American issues. These are international issues. Cyber-bullying is an international issue. Social media is international and also the opioid addiction issue, so it's not just here."

Watch her interview below:

Melania Trump is a native of Slovenia and speaks six languages.

See Pat's reaction to her statement above. 

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