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Australian immigrant reveals why Americans embrace illegal immigrants

Glenn Beck

Australian author Nick Adams, who legally immigrated to the United States and subsequently wrote a book about the experience titled, "Green Card Warrior," stopped by "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday morning to discuss why the U.S. seems to be the only nation in the world that is criticized for enforcing its borders — despite the fact that essentially every nation in the world has border control regulations and immigration restrictions.

In his book, Adams, who now lives in Texas, contrasts the expensive multi-year process he went through with the warm welcome liberals extend to illegal immigrants who circumvent the legal process. President Donald Trump has endorsed Adams' book, calling it a "must read."

Adams singled out the cultural influence of liberals as the primary reason for this discrepancy:

The left are running the narrative. They have captured all of the cultural institutions that shape the culture and shape the messaging. And unfortunately, the messaging is now that if you just demand that, you know, we make sure that we vet people coming from dangerous countries to the United States, all of a sudden that makes you racist and bigoted and you're defaming the character of those people.

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