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Author of controversial 'Teen Vogue' article doubles down on her criticism of Trump

Dana Loesch

Dana is joined by "Teen Vogue" writer Lauren Duca to discuss her widely-read article, "Donald Trump is Gaslighting America." Dana quotes from Lauren's article, which slams Trump for "condoning and encouraging hatred" and declares, "Civil rights are now on trial. ... We must regain control of the truth."

Asked to clarify her comments, Lauren responds that women's reproductive rights and Muslim religious freedom will be threatened by Trump's presidency and that "Trump is deceiving the American people."

Dana asks for quantifiable examples of the rise in bigotry that Lauren observes in the American populace. Lauren responds, "There is a noticeable increase in hate crimes associated with Trump's rise."

When Dana asks for concrete evidence or references for this trend, Lauren is at a loss. "That has been repeatedly reported on. That's not my article," Lauren deflects. She then attempts to steer the conversation away from "what other people are doing or the legitimacy of specific hate crimes."

Dana, refusing to let Lauren's undocumented claim pass unchallenged, issues a word of caution: "If you're going to say 'hate crimes,' I think you need to make sure. We gotta be careful when we say that."

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