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Before you embrace self-driving cars, remember the school that spied on kids via their webcams


On today's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat wasn't too enthused about the idea of self-driving cars he claimed can easily be targeted and controlled by governments, hackers, and terrorists.

These autonomous cars don't need steering wheels or brake pedals for that matter, and companies like GM are planning on test driving them as early as next year.

This reminded Pat and Keith of a relatively old but pertinent story about a school in Philadelphia that was spying on kids via their laptops back in 2010. These weren't personal laptops either, they were assigned to the students by the school. Pat and Keith argued that allowing certain technologies to invade our lives unquestioned makes us more susceptible to a type of police state.

Watch their thoughts on the grotesque violation of the students' privacy above and keep in mind self-driving cars. 

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