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Ben Shapiro on Trump's SCOTUS pick: 'Don't just rent the libs, own the libs

Glenn Beck

Conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro joined Glenn Beck on the show today to weigh in on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Ben was mildly disappointed with the president's choice, noting Kavanaugh's track record of avoiding controversial rulings. Given the obvious fact that the Democrats would reject the president's nominee no matter who he chose, why wouldn't Trump go with the more conservative candidate?

"This is why I say Trump should have just gone for it," said Ben. "If they're going to sink to this level of absurdity, then you may as well just go for the person you know is going to vote your way 100 percent of the time. You may as well just pick Mike Lee, because if they're going to go crazy anyway, then don't just rent the libs, own the libs."

"If the Democrats and the Republicans reject this candidate because he's too radical, I think we should go right to you," Glenn suggested. "I think you should be nominated because it would set the precedence of 'don't screw with me.'"

"I will say that the ratings for the hearings would just be extraordinary ... We can make this happen, my hat's still in. If Kavanaugh falls through, go with me," joked Ben.

Watch the clip above to hear more of the conversation.

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