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‘What a f**king embarrassment’: Twitter savages Biden after he wanders from podium, appears to need help getting off stage


'WTF man. This is the leader of the free world, lovely'

Image source: Video screenshot

Following a speech announcing plans to relaunch the White House's "Cancer Moonshot" initiative on Wednesday, President Joe Biden seemed to lose his way as he left the podium, first wandering in the wrong direction, then turning back to shake hands with several officials before apparently being reminded by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) to put on his mask. Ultimately, Biden was led off the stage with a little help from first lady Jill Biden.

What has been the response?

As always, the folks on Twitter can be counted on to call out the president's failings. First, Biden did that creepy whisper thing again. Why doesn't anyone tell him to stop doing that?

After he finished his thrilling speech, the president wandered away from the podium, in the wrong direction, then turned back to to do a bit of maskless handshaking before being reminded by Sen. Klobuchar to put his mask on.

Finally, the first lady came to the rescue and led him off the stage, holding his hand as he shuffled and appeared to be on the verge of losing his balance. "So much strength communicated here," a video posted on Twitter was captioned.

The response on Twitter was less than favorable:

Looks like at least one person attempted to come to the president's defense with what another Twitter user called an "unnecessary Trump reference."

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