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Bill O'Reilly proudly admits he is 'old school' in new book

Glenn Beck

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly called into "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Wednesday morning to discuss his new book "Old School" and what that label actually means. Bill contends that an old school philosophy is one that embraced self-reliance and commitment to a single, coherent political philosophy. Consequently, he separated and old school mentality from a particular political viewpoint.

"It doesn't have anything to do with values, by the way," Bill said. "Totally different. Because you can be a liberal and you can be old school, alright? You can be conservative and old school. Or you can be conservative and a snowflake."

Conversely, Bill defined the old school philosophy's opposite as the snowflake mentality, which continuously claims victimhood and blames external factors for people's success and failure. This perspective, Bill argues, is being pushed by college campuses and the mainstream media and is slowly taking over our culture.

Bill then praised Glenn for his old school bona fides:

"Beck is old school, OK? Because you have a belief system, alright? So Glenn Beck has a belief system. Which he talks about on his radio and television programs and debates others whose system isn't the same. But we all know what your system is. ... That's old school. You don't change every hour on the hour, every week you're different. And that's all I'm saying. Old school doesn't have to do with politics. It has to do with personal point of view."

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