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Brandon Morse: People with gender dysphoria need our compassion, not trophies


Filling in for Dana Loesch, guest host Brandon Morse gave a history of his journey in media which began writing about politics, attempting to transition to writing about pop culture for The Escapist, and finally to his role at TheBlaze.

"I reached out for a job at The Escapist and was given a weekly column there and as you can imagine, there was a collective meltdown among leftists who didn't want a filthy libertarian talking about games and movies," Morse said.

Brandon explained how they combed through years of his work and were finally able to find a single tweet over which they could broom him to the side.

"The tweet simply read, 'If you want to be transgender, then you go right ahead. Don't force everyone else to pretend along with you,'" Morse stated.

Morse described how within the blink of an eye, the social justice community had placed a bulls-eye on him with an endless supply of hateful messages. Though he encountered vicious attacks, he didn't consider himself a victim. He developed a compassion for those with gender dysphoria, noting with sadness those in the community carry an unusually high rate of depression and have a tragically high suicide rate of around 40%.

"Instead of encouraging people to seek help for their ailment, we give them television shows and courage awards," Morse notes. "It's not normal — it's dangerous for more reasons than one."

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