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California ignores Planned Parenthood's sales of fetal body parts, prosecutes whistleblowers instead

Glenn Beck

Pro-life activist and Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden was charged with 15 felonies by the state of California this week for his undercover recordings of Planned Parenthood officials discussing the illegal sale of fetal body parts obtained during abortions.

In response, Daleiden released yet another video featuring a former Arizona Planned Parenthood medical director implying she allowed babies born alive during an abortion to die on the operating table rather than transporting them to a hospital, as state law requires.

Thursday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," the guys pointed out that California's liberal state government and justice system chose to completely ignore Planned Parenthood officials' taped admissions of multiple serious felonies in order to prosecute the activists who uncovered those felonies.

"We have them now on tape selling body parts, admitting to things that are clearly a crime," Glenn said. "But what is it that is now in court? What is it that we're now discussing? We are now discussing whether the person who took and made the tape of this monster, if that tape was legal or not. Because in California, you will go to prison."

He continued: "Here's how this is going to work out. The people who made this tape will go down in my thought as martyrs. They will go to prison. And they will serve time in prison for making this tape and exposing these monsters."

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