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CNN’s Jim Acosta, Bill Nye blame conservatives for planet's climate — then lament our 'deeply divided nation'


Somehow they missed the irony ...

Image source: Video screenshot

Self-named "Science Guy" Bill Nye joined CNN's Jim Acosta in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian to lambaste "conservative lawmakers," "conservative voters," and a certain "infamous, notorious host" of a "conservative network" for somehow causing the planet's climate to change, which in turn is what they say caused the nearly worst-ever hurricane to devastate areas of southwest Florida. Ironically, the two went on to lament that Americans "just need to come together as a country" and set aside partisan politics to help the "hundreds of thousands of people suffering tremendously."

"People ask me, 'what can we do about climate change?' There’s all sorts of things we can do," Nye told Acosta. "We can address this ... but if we don’t acknowledge there’s a problem, we’re not going to get it done. And so I just want to ask conservative lawmakers to cut it out. I understand that you want to get reelected. I understand that you have this primary system which motivates you to get these hardcore conservative voters engaged. But, look, you’ve just- just cut it out."

He went on to accuse "a conservative network" (presumably Fox News) and its "infamous, notorious host" (presumably Tucker Carlson) of using misleading data to downplay the effects of climate change.

"I just ask everybody on the other side to cut it out. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of people suffering tremendously," Nye lamented. "Now, come on, let’s get to work. This is the United States! Come on. Let’s be world leaders, for crying out loud. Back to you, Jim."

"Yeah, no," Acosta replied. "We just need to come together as a country. And it’s in moments like this when a very deeply divided nation can come together, particularly when it comes to helping an area like southwest Florida get back on its feet, which is what they’re desperately trying to do right now ... obviously, climate change is making these hurricanes more ferocious, more deadly, more costly," he added.


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