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CNN compiles list of key takeaways from James Comey's new book and they're all bad

Pat Gray Unleashed

"The left is so ridiculous in their attacks on him [Trump] that it just makes us defend, even when you're not that huge of a supporter, it makes you defensive of him because it's so ridiculous what's going on," said Pat on Friday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed."

As you're now probably aware, the former FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump last May and wrote a memoir about it. In "A Higher Loyalty," Comey made some salacious and stunning accusations about Trump and his presidency that threw the media into a frenzy Friday morning.

An official told POLITICO, “It’s almost like Comey wrote some of the stuff in the book just to get under Trump’s skin and goad him into saying something outrageous."

The president addressed the accusations in a series of tweets Friday morning condemning Comey's new "tell-all" memoir and even called him a "slime ball":

Read the full list here and watch the clip above to hear Pat break down Comey's laundry list of accusations. 


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