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CNN: The real issue behind Molly Tibbets' murder by illegal immigrant -- jogging


Filling in for Glenn this week on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Stu Burguiere slammed a recent CNN article that conflated the murder of Iowa student Mollie Tibbets with the issue of women being "harassed while running."

Illegal immigrant Cristhian Bahena Rivera has been charged with murdering 20-year-old Tibbets, yet the article made no mention of illegal immigration, instead focusing the entire article on the plight of female runners who "have faced harassment, or worse, from men who seem to view an athletic woman in shorts or jogging pants as an invitation for lewd or frightening behavior."

Read more on Mollie Tibbetts here.

"Good job, CNN," Stu quipped. "The danger isn't illegal immigrants. The danger is jogging."

He also noted a Runner's World article titled "Running While Female" which linked the tragic stories of "three young women [who] were murdered midrun" to the rampant "on-the-run harassment" reportedly experienced by 43 percent of women.

Though the article admits that "the chance of being murdered midrun is very, very small. A woman between the ages of 16 and 44 has only a 1 in 35,336 chance of being the victim of a homicide," it went on to say that the harassment of female runners is the result of our "sex-biased culture."

Watch the clip above for more on this story.

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