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Contestants chosen for real-life Russian 'Hunger Games

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Adventurers have officially been chosen to join in a real-life Russian Hunger Games called Game2: Winter.

According to the Siberian Times, 15 men and 15 women will try to survive on a Russian island through the winter to win $1.7 million. Temperatures during that time gets as low as -58 F and the area is crawling with brown bears.

Contestants will be given a knife, one pair of warm clothes, and at the beginning of filming can choose from survival gear. However, they will be on their own for shelter, food, and safety.

Organizers say there will be a ground team on duty and a helicopter for emergencies, but say they know they won’t always be able to get there in time for every emergency. There are no rules regarding murder, sex, or fighting. But contestants could face charges should the Russian police choose to pursue.

Those who are alive at the end of the 9 months will win. Some of the contestants from around the world include a real estate agent, an economist, a “professional blonde”, a swimming coach, students, a sportsman, an actress, a security officer, and an air force veteran.

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