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COOL Law repeal means your table could contain sketchy beef


In her "Final Thoughts," Tomi Lahren points out that the working class has been "drop kicked by both political parties," and the greatest burden has fallen on farmers and livestock ranchers. Rising feed and supply costs and falling food prices have gutted the American agriculture industry over the past few years, and one particular legislative move has exacerbated the problem.

Just over a year ago, Congress repealed part of the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) Law, which required meat sold in the U.S. to clearly identify the country of origin. Foreign food conglomerates pressured Congress to cave on this important legislation, and lawmakers obliged. This change enables foreign meat sellers to cram live animals into unsanitary crates and ship them to the U.S. to be slaughtered at discount rates.

"Would you have your family eat out of the dumpster not knowing what's on your table?" Tomi asks rhetorically. "Then why the hell would you put foreign sketchy beef on your table?"

Tomi calls on her viewers to demand the COOL Law be fully reinstated to help our struggling working class. She says, "Contrary to popular belief...2017 is not about a conservative resurgence. It's about a hard-working, God-fearing, nation-loving, take-no-crap American people resurgence."

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