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Dana Loesch explains why feminism is detrimental to men AND women


Wednesday was International Women's Day, and Dana Loesch took the opportunity to share her feelings about the day, the left-wing "Day Without a Woman" general strike, feminists and her own personal path to conservatism.

Speaking about the cracks that began to form in her past liberal feminist beliefs shortly after she had her first child, the conservative host said, "When I had my son I realized that everything in which I believe is completely antithetical to everything that I needed to do to raise a happy and healthy young man. Feminism is detrimental to men. Feminism is even more detrimental to women."

She went on to explain that feminists think females are successful only if they have male attributes and match up to male measurements. According to Loesch, feminists refuse to acknowledge that women are in a class by themselves, or are different, or have different talents, or have different gifts.

"At what point are you going to realize that men are not your enemy?" she asked. "It is the matriarchy that is the enemy of women."

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