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David Hogg swears he's not a bully and won't appear on Laura Ingraham's show despite her invitation

Pat Gray Unleashed

He who must not be named (today) appeared on yet another CNN segment. CNN host Ana Cabrera surprisingly asked if he, David Hogg, thinks of himself as a bully after the Laura Ingraham debacle in which several advertisers pulled out of her show. He, of course, said he doesn't think of himself as a bully then railed on Laura Ingraham's career and accused her of bullying many on her show in the past.

“Some people are calling you a bully,” Cabrera told Hogg. Hogg was accused by conservative commentator Erick Erickson of being a bully in a tweet. Hogg denied it and said everyone is entitled to their view but he simply disagrees with Erickson's.

When asked whether or not he'd accept Ingraham's invitation to appear on her show to have a productive conversation, Hogg said not until she "apologizes to all the people she has hurt throughout her professional career because of her immaturity and unprofessionalism.” Go figure.

Hogg was on CNN to promote his Fox News boycott. Read what Clinton ally is really behind the boycott here.


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