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Does college make students smarter? Test results are not encouraging

Glenn Beck

Results from a little-known standardized test that measures critical thinking may be bad news for graduating college seniors.

The College Learning Assessment Plus is a test administered to freshman and senior students at 200 colleges around the country and is intended to measure their improvement in critical thinking skills. But according to a Wall Street Journal report, at least a third of seniors at more than half of the schools couldn’t develop an argument, interpret data or analyze evidence in a document.

On Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Mike Broomhead analyzed why young people are struggling with critical thinking. He pointed at social media as a problem because of the way that people use it and because of how it’s changing public discourse.

“Social media is a tool. … I’m not gonna blame Twitter,” he said. “It’s the inability to have a rational argument.”

A recent survey revealed that around half of employers think college graduates aren’t ready for the workplace. The No. 1 reason? Their critical thinking skills aren’t up to snuff. Meantime, graduates are burdened with student debt that doesn’t seem to have given them a quality education.

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