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Eric Bolling joins Glenn Beck to discuss life after 9/11 and why he felt betrayed by Manhattanites

The News & Why It Matters

On Tuesday, Eric Bolling, host of CRTV's "America with Eric Bolling," joined the crew on "The News and Why It Matters" to not only reflect on the Sept. 11 terror attacks but to examine how life has changed since.

"To visually watch the second plane fly into the World Trade Center — and I'll never forget that moment — when the plume of smoke came out and then the fire came out and then you're right, we did unify," Bolling said when asked about unity in America following the attacks.

"We finally had a target, we had an enemy, we had a face to the enemy. It was Al-Qaeda, it was the Taliban, it was terrorism, and we did unite. But I'll never forget: I won't even go a month, I'll say a couple weeks later — and this is lower Manhattan. I'm at a restaurant in Midtown and it was like nothing ever happened. And I was so deeply affected by it because I saw so much," he continued.

"Even in Manhattan who, you know, there's a good portion of the population who was exposed to it and within weeks it was like enjoying drinks at dinner and I was still somber trying to figure out how am I ever going to get out of this because I was really angry. I was really angry at the terrorists," he added.

Bolling went so far as to say that he felt betrayed by Manhattanites.

"How could they be so cold? To have witnessed, probably the worst event in the history of the planet, and then within a couple of weeks — maybe it wasn't even a couple of weeks — but they could go and act like, 'Can I get my wine?' It was horrifying," Bolling said.

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