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Federal study spends $347K asking if sex with contraception is good


What’s going on?

Is sex with contraception good? That’s the question the National Institutes of Health has spent around $347,000 to answer so far, studying which methods of birth control are “sexually acceptable” to women, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

What is the goal of the study?

According to the grant, "Research from this program could ultimately be used to help match women with the method(s) they will find the most sexually acceptable—methods they will like and use—thereby helping women fully realize the social, economic, and health benefits of contraception (emphasis added)."

Where is all the money going?

The grant went to a University of Wisconsin-Madison study that involves studying women who use birth control for a year, with the goal of finding out which contraception method is the most popular for women. And $347K isn’t the final tab … the research is slated to continue through 2021.

Doc’s take:

On today’s show, Doc had an attractive offer: Hire him to answer this question for a much lower price.

“The answer is ‘yes,’” Doc said. “Now pay me.”

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