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Filmmaker: 'Radical Islam' may be 'the greatest threat to our civilization


Christians and other religious minorities face persecution and genocide in the Middle East, a humanitarian crisis that has been documented in the new film "Faithkeepers."

Richard Green, executive producer of the "Faithkeepers" documentary and executive director of the Clarion Project, joined Glenn on today's show to talk about threats that Christians face around the world.

"The spread of radical Islam [worldwide] is perhaps the greatest threat to our civilization," Green said.

Juliana Taimaroozy, founder of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, shared part of her harrowing story. She escaped Iran and came to the U.S. as a refugee; now, she wants to know why more isn't being done to help women who are still trapped in abuse and sex slavery.

"Where are the children's advocates, where are the women's organizations defending or standing up for these women who are oppressed?" Taimaroozy asked.

Listen to the full interview here.

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