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Millionaire Democrat Nancy Pelosi backtracks 'crumbs' comment


Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) took some serious heat from Democrats, Republicans, and every day Americans for her "crumbs" comment. Many Americans took home $1,000 bonuses thanks to Trump's tax plan but the wealthy D.C. Democrat wasn't impressed.

Now, after receiving heavy criticism -- from both parties -- Pelosi is singing a very different tune.

She told a room filled with reporters on Thursday that "we love when people get a bonus [or] a raise," BUT, "something is wrong" if the tax bill was only passed to benefit the top one percent in America.

She's not off the hook yet. Back when Republicans issued tax cuts, she likened the tax cuts to Armageddon and also claimed hundreds of Americans would die if the GOP nixed ObamaCare. She also said Congress needed to "pass ObamaCare so we can find out what's in it."

Today, we're hearing something radically different from the wealthy House Minority Leader.


Watch her "crumbs" comment below.

There's also a lot of incoherent and incomplete sentences, once again.

Check out Pat's clip above. 

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