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FREE PRESS? Cuomo offers 'state help' to bail out failing New York Daily News


Yesterday, the 'New York Daily News' announced that it's laying off half of its editorial staff. The company that owns the publication, Tronc, said the changes were necessary to "address the significant financial challenges we have faced for years." The Daily News, which has been around since 1919, was acquired by Tronc last year for just $1 due to dramatic losses of more than $90 million over the last three years.

Just hours after the layoff announcement, Governor Andrew Cuomo offered to help the paper by providing unspecified "state" assistance.

"Hang on just a second," said Glenn Beck on the show today. "New-frickin'-York can afford an additional $30 million (per year) to bail them out? To have them break even? And is the media thinking this is a good idea? A state-funded news room? I'll bet the state is willing to help.

"Could he be thinking about a plan like the one New Jersey's legislature passed last month? The 'Civic Information Consortium' bill established a 'nonprofit' organization with the main purpose of 'supporting local news.' New Jersey funded it with $5 million in taxpayer money and the nonprofit will operate in conjunction with five different public universities in New Jersey.... Fantastic, a government-funded news organization to be coordinated by select public universities. This is the ultimate Progressive utopian dream. This would actually be hilarious if it wasn't so terrifying."

Watch the clip above to hear more on this precarious situation.

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