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Glenn Beck: Who will replace Megyn Kelly at Fox News?


Glenn Beck and the gang discuss the various candidates who have been proposed as replacements for the departing Megyn Kelly at Fox News. While replacing the host of one of the most-viewed programs in all of cable news is a daunting task, some of the suggested hosts may have the journalistic talents and popular following to meet the challenge.

In response to TheBlaze host Dana Loesch's name picking up traction in a popular poll, Glenn says, "As Dana's co-worker, I would hate that (her departure). But if there's anyone who could sit in that seat and not be pushed around by anybody, she could do it. ... She's our Megyn Kelly on TheBlaze. She's great. And with the resources at Fox, she would be unstoppable."

Tomi Lahren appears in another online vote, and Glenn sees the merits of this selection: "If you're going to retool and go for youth...she would be a game-changer for Fox in more than one way. ... I would hate to lose either of them, but what a great opportunity for both of them. I wouldn't stand in their way. They're tremendous."

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