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Glenn breaks down the key differences in communism and fascism

Glenn Beck

The left likes to throw around the term “fascism” when describing President Donald Trump and his administration, but do they even know what it means or where it originated? On “Glenn” the key difference between communism and fascism is explained in about two minutes.

“I mean ... for me, they’re the same damn thing,” said Glenn Beck. “But to a communist or a fascist, they’re radically different.”

Communism focuses on a classless society while fascism is nationalistic in nature. Both have a top-down system ruled by one person with concentrated power. While both originated in Europe, they continue to spread around the globe.

Communism maintains a centralized government with state ownership of property, industry, and manufacturing. Unlike fascism, it is not nationalistic in nature, and religion is generally abolished.

“The key to fascism, in my opinion, is that you understand that it’s all about the national heritage. It is total socialism lead by a strong individual. And it is about a strong country,” added Beck. “It’s why conservatives are looked at as nationalist or fascist because we’re proud of the military, and we’re proud of the flag, and we’re proud of our country. That is not a fascistic trait in us, but it can quickly become that, because fascists use that.”

Fascism aims to restore glory to the old state and promotes nationalism, social Darwinism, Nazism, idealism, and devalues any individual outside of these values, and is often headed by one charismatic dictator.

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