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Glenn: ‘Heroes’ helping Harvey victims remind us what’s important – and what’s not

Glenn Beck

The silver lining of Tropical Storm Harvey, which peaked as a Category 4 hurricane and continues to drench Houston and Southeast Texas, is that we can see who the real heroes are.

People are opening their homes; donating their time and money; sending food and supplies; and rescuing people whose homes have been flooded. Mercury One has partnered with six organizations to help provide relief, while incredible photos and videos captured in the area show that courageous people around the country are willing to drop everything to take care of those in need.

We should take this moment to be inspired by stories of real heroes and to gain perspective on which causes are worth our time, Glenn Beck said on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

For each issue, we need to analyze whether a problem is a real source of strife or just being used for political motivation, Glenn asserted, and then decide: “This one really counts. This one kind of doesn’t.”

While there will always be bad people in the world, we can also be inspired by the many people who are doing their part without any ulterior motives.

“Celebrate that,” Glenn said. “That’s who we are.”

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