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Glenn: How do we train artificial intelligence when society has no moral foundation?

Glenn Beck

Artificial intelligence will better our lives in many ways, but it will also pose a danger if people don’t program AI properly.

Autonomous vehicle pioneer Elon Musk warned over the weekend that AI is the “biggest risk” to civilization. Musk, who founded Tesla, has long said that AI will be dangerous. At the National Governors Association Summer Meeting in Rhode Island, Musk said that government regulation is necessary to keep AI from getting out of hand.

On Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck wondered how we will train AI to know good from bad when our postmodern society doesn’t even know that.

“[AI] will not think like us,” Glenn pointed out. “It will learn and think in an entirely new way.”

In a sense, AI will feature “alien thinking,” because algorithms will not approach problems in the same way a human would. If our society doesn’t know right from wrong, how can we program AI with the proper foundation of truth, saying that pain and failure are bad?

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