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Glenn: Stormy Daniels is a ‘distraction’ – worry about the future of jobs instead

Glenn Beck

Why are we wasting our time focusing on “distractions” like the story of President Donald Trump’s alleged affair with a porn star when our immediate future is under threat?

On today’s show, Glenn talked about the future of automation and cited some alarming statistics. Did you know that around 25 percent of U.S. jobs are expected to be eliminated by 2030? Close to a third of the country could be out of work if you add that number to a normal unemployment rate of around 4 percent.

People need to be preparing for these job losses now, but both the left and the right are too distracted by stories that don’t affect Americans’ lives.

“How does the nation cope with an unemployment rate of 29 percent?” Glenn asked. “That’s the Great Depression.”

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