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Glenn talks about facing religious bigotry


Glenn Beck shared an experience he felt was religious bigotry toward his Mormon faith on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

He and his wife have been trying to find a good school in Texas for their kids but have struggled to find the right match. He talked Monday about how he would like to find a school that teaches from a religious perspective but has been turned away because his family are Mormons.

He told the story of a recent experience in which he asked the Christian school up front whether or not they accepted Mormon students and explained that he didn’t mind at all if his kids learned about other faiths. Initially, the school said yes, but later they changed their minds.

“I want my kids to know everything there is to know about other religions,” Glenn pointed out. “Their choice of a religion is their choice, not mine.”

Even though the Becks didn’t ask for any of the curriculum to be changed, the school abruptly ended their discussions by saying that they couldn’t accept them. They didn’t give a real explanation, other than claiming that other kids’ parents would be uncomfortable and the Mormon children would be “confused.”

“I’m angry because that’s just bigotry,” Glenn said.

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