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Glenn's warning to the media: If you want to play the 'what about' game, we'll win every time


Glenn discussed the state of the media and the importance of processing accurate news information on "Think Tank" Wednesday. This comes a day after Donald Trump Jr.'s interview on "Hannity" and the political fallout from the recent Russian email revelations. President Trump rushed to defend Trump Jr's actions and blamed the fake media and Democrats for setting double ethical standards for Republicans.

“My son Donald did a good job last night. He was open, transparent and innocent. This is the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Sad!” Trump wrote in a tweet.

He later took a dig at the media: “Remember, when you hear the words ‘sources say’ from the Fake Media, often times those sources are made up and do not exist.”

Although many news stories have relied on shady sources during Trump's presidency, the New York Times' report was confirmed by Trump Jr. himself in a tweet that revealed the email exchange.

As the argument shifted from 'no collusion ever took place,' to there's 'nothing actually wrong with collusion,' and as people begin taking sides in this debate, Glenn warned that playing 'what aboutism' and conflating senseless information will get the country nowhere.

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