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Google’s agile new robot spins, jumps, and can move over snow-covered terrain

Pat and Stu

Google has a new robot. Handle is 6’6” and vaguely humanoid with its legs, arms and torso; however, it runs on wheels instead of feet. The versatile robot can carry weight; travel over uneven surfaces and down stairs; spin gracefully in a circle; and respond to its environment by jumping over hurdles and even navigating snow.

Filling in for “Pat & Stu,” Brad Staggs, Kari Malinak and Jason Buttrill watched a clip of a new robot from Boston Dynamics, which is owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and debated how soon the world will be run by autonomous vehicles and robotic assistants.

Brad wondered what the next step for robotics will be and if robots will eventually become fixtures in our businesses and homes. Jason pictured a future where when something on a factory line breaks, a robot will be able to go over and fix it.

“Dancing all the way?” Brad wondered while watching the Google robot move.

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