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Gun sales have not slowed with Trump in the White House

Pat and Stu

Gun ownership has been a time honored tradition in America since before it was a nation. The Founding Fathers recognized the natural, God-given right of  self defense, which they enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Gun rights activist and author of "The War on Guns," John R. Lott, Jr.,  joined Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere today on "Pat & Stu" to discuss the surprising fact that Americans' appetite to own guns has not slowed down with a Republican in the White House. It has been long observed that while Barack Obama was president, gun sales were consistently high, often spiking after a mass shooting. But with Donald Trump as president, those number have showed no signs of easing up.

Lott, Jr. ran through some surprising numbers, noting that concealed weapons permits among men have risen 22 percent while among women, it has been an astonishing 93 percent. The number of permits has also risen 30 percent faster with blacks than whites.

They also discussed the general law-abiding nature of concealed weapons holders, with Lott, Jr. pointing out that felonies or misdemeanors are committed at one-sixth the rate of police officers and crimes committed with firearms are even less at one-tenth that of the police.

"Are nuns more law abiding than concealed weapon permit holders?" asked Pat, forcing his guest to admit that he didn't have that particular data.

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