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Hackers stole the new Pirates movie – here’s what they want


The newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” has reportedly been stolen by hackers and is being held for ransom.

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed in a company town hall on Monday that a copy of one of Disney’s upcoming movies had been stolen; later, reports surfaced that the hackers had taken the fifth installment to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The thieves have reportedly threatened to release the film in small increments if Disney doesn’t meet their demand for a large sum of money in Bitcoin. Disney is working with the FBI to attempt to track down the hackers.

On Tuesday’s “Pat & Stu,” Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere took a look at the story.

“How weird is that that you can kidnap a Disney movie and hold it for ransom?” Pat asked.

Netflix recently faced the same situation when 10 episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” were stolen. Hackers demanded a ransom and then released them on Pirate Bay last month when the company refused to pay.

“What a huge moment that was,” Pat said sarcastically.

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