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Here's the truth about 'cultural appropriation


A new way to paint someone as racist is to accuse them of "cultural appropriation." Some people believe you aren't allowed to partake in or enjoy aspects of a culture from which you did not originate. Accusations of cultural appropriation appear everywhere now, chastising artists making music, chefs preparing food, to anyone wearing fashion.

But is it racist? On this week's "That's Not Racist," Brandon Morse breaks down what a culture really is, and how in the end the accusation of cultural appropriation is nothing more than a rehashing of something we already left behind as a society: segregation.

Lots of social justice warriors think of culture as synonymous with race. Brandon said, "ideas do not belong to a certain level of melanin" and that "cultures must be seen, heard, and even experienced to grow and evolve."

He addressed the top cultural appropriation complaints, such as Halloween costumes, listening to and making music inspired other cultures, and making melded versions of delicious foods -- like TexMex!

Brandon said that this is very rarely done for malicious purposes and is more a tribute to interesting ideas and styles. A race may belong to a culture, but the race doesn't own it.

If that were the case, which race owns Brony culture?

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