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History textbook suggests Trump is mentally unstable, blames 2016 results on racism

Doc Thompson

Tarra Snyder is a Minnesota high school junior who says she found liberal bias in an AP history textbook that was sent to her school as a sample.

While her high school hasn’t selected the book for classes, “By the People: A History of the United States” by James W. Fraser is a history textbook that schools have been invited to use. Snyder, who saw the sample book because she’s a teaching assistant for AP history, joined “The Morning Blaze” today to talk about the specific examples of bias she highlighted in the book as well as why she believes students deserve an objective look at history in their education.

Snyder snapped pictures from pages in the book that described the 2016 election, Black Lives Matter and President Donald Trump’s cabinet, and the images went viral over the weekend. “By the People” is critical of Trump and his supporters while glossing over Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails scandal.

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