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Video: Dana on the futility of Antifa, 'can you imagine what could be accomplished?


Leftist extremists who call themselves ‘antifa’ have become alarmingly violent and dangerous, attacking those they deem to be purveyors of ‘social injustices’ such as racism, sexism, capitalism, as well as government representatives, politicians, and law enforcement.

According to a Politico report Friday, the Department of Homeland Security has been issuing warnings about the “growing likelihood of lethal violence between the left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacist and nationalist groups” since well before last month’s deadly clashes.

So far in 2017, antifa protesters have turned up in black-clad, weapon-welding droves to riot, vandalize, and destroyed property in increasingly violent attacks.

“Can you imagine all of the people wearing the black jeans, and the black hoodies, and the black handkerchiefs across their face or black ski masks -- if they’d spend just a quarter of the energy they show out on the streets, beating people up, destroying private property, burning college campuses,” said Dana Loesch about antifa protesters on “Dana” this week.“If they expended even a quarter of that energy to help people in need like those in Houston -- can you imagine what could be accomplished?”

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