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If the US-NK summit happened under Obama, here's how the MSM would have reacted

The News & Why It Matters

How would the media have reacted if President Barack Obama had gone to Singapore and done everything exactly as President Donald Trump did during the U.S. - North Korea summit? For that matter, what would we at TheBlaze be saying in that scenario?

On “The News and Why It Matters,” Glenn Beck and the team sat down to discuss the media's reaction to our president's meeting with Kim Jong Un, and to reflect on how different the reception would have been if the summit had happened under Obama.

"If Barack Obama had gone to North Korea and he had done everything [the same], breath-for breath, word-for word, handshake exactly the same way, same background, all of it ... we'd be out of our mind," admitted Stu Burguiere, adding, "[But] the press would be fawning all over Obama about it and saying he's doing a magical job."

Watch the video above to get much more of the conversation.

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