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It's not about conservative or liberal': Dave Rubin on choosing the right Supreme Court justice

Glenn Beck

TV personality, comedian, and host of ‘The Rubin Report’, Dave Rubin, joined Glenn Beck on the show today to discuss why Supreme Court justice nominee's shouldn't be decided by political party but whether or not they will make decisions based on the Constitution.

"It's not about whether we should have a conservative or a liberal," said Rubin. "It's about: do we have someone that has the mental acumen to understand what the laws are and, not write laws, but defend the laws. That's the whole purpose of three branches of government. That's why the Judiciary [Branch] exists."

"The paradigms that we've always had of Left and Rightism [aren't] really making sense any more," he added. "It really is this: you are either for liberty, you're for freedom and you're for living how you want to live without infringing and impugning on anyone else's rights, or you want the state to deal with everything."

Watch the clip above to hear more of this conversation.

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