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Jennifer Styers discusses with Tomi the difficulties of dating in Dallas


Tomi is joined by Jennifer Styers, Dallas’ number one matchmaker and relationship expert according to, to discuss how difficult it is to meet someone in Dallas when you're successful young woman. Tomi discusses her difficulties in searching for a relationship while in Dallas but wonders if it the city of Dallas might not be the problem.

"It's different in every city. Dallas is a hard place to date," Stylers says. Jennifer discloses how recently did a study with singles in America and the number one thing men in Dallas were looking for was a female entrepreneur.

Tomi notes that it's not necessarily finding someone who's interested in powerful women but finding men who can handle it. "They love it initially. It's until they get into the relationship and then there's a power struggle because there can't be two chiefs," Styler says.

"There's never a bad time for relationships," Jennifer says. "It's hard to find everywhere no matter where you live. ... I think technology has changed things a lot, online dating, things have become so impersonal, so people are really seeking true love."

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