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Judge orders Wisconsin to pay for gender reassignment surgery citing equal protection under the ACA

Doc Thompson

This is maddening.

A federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin, has ordered the state to pay for not one but two gender reassignment surgeries. Medicaid will foot the bill for Cody Flack, 30, and Sara Ann Makenzie, 41, after a lawsuit was filed which claimed that denying the surgery violates one's right to equal protection under the Affordable Care Act.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, U.S. District Judge William Conley granted a 39-page preliminary injunction against a 1996 state rule that excludes coverage for "transsexual surgery."

Conley wrote: "The likelihood of ongoing, irreparable harm facing these two individual plaintiffs outweighs any marginal impacts on the defendants’ stated concerns regarding public health or limiting costs."

The report also suggested that Conley may expand "the injunction to include any transgender Medicaid patient whose doctor recommends the surgery."

Wisconsin's Medicaid budget is $9.7 billion and covers 1.2 million qualifying residents.

Catch Doc's reaction in the clip above. 

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